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Redstone Rebranding

When we started operating in 2013 we made it a point to focused on gaining trust and building a reputation for ourselves in the Oklahoma City area as a dedicated and responsible fiduciary. As a two-person team, we took over a book of business from an established advisor named Trey Dixon, who ran Dixon Financial Group. Over the next two years, we developed relationships with all of our existing clients and worked towards streamlining their portfolios and strengthening their general knowledge and understanding regarding investing and preparing for retirement. In 2015, we used that momentum to team up with an already established brand, Redstone Investments. This was a calculated decision, as an existing brand and additional resources are beneficial to any new business looking to lead in an ever-changing industry. With Redstone Investments we spring-boarded into the world of managing more small business clients as well as presiding as advisor on record for multiple employer sponsored retirement plans. With this increasingly full picture of each and every clients' financial footprint, we were able to do more intricate holistic planning and adopt a 'goal-centric' approach to our client relationships.

Fast forward to 2018 In the last five years we have moved into our own building, brought on 3 more employees, and more than tripled our assets under management through client acquisition and strategic investing. Our offices have grown into a bustling community center where we are constantly seeking prosperous solutions to a vast array of questions supplied by our ever-growing client base. At this point in time, we do far more for our clientele than simply manage their financial accounts: we help to organize their fiscal footprints, calm them through turbulent waters, lift their spirits in times of uncertainty, compile achievable financial plans based on individual goals and aspirations and cultivate lasting relationships.

Introducing - Redstone Wealth Management


Aim high, so that no matter the outcome, you will be soaring with the eagles.

While we still focus heavily on getting our clients into appropriate investments for their unique situations, we want to emphasize that this is not our only objective. We are now providing a high-level professional service that combines

multiple aspects of financial health, including investment advice, working directly with a client's CPA or TPA to assist with tax objectives, retirement and estate planning and even assistance with philanthropic opportunities, all for one set fee. By definition, we are now providing a full-fledged wealth management service and we wanted our brand to reflect all of the hard work and dedication that has gone into building the scaffolding of our business to be able to accommodate this advanced level of service.

To all of our existing clients Thank you for joining us on this journey over the last few years. We are very excited to continue growing and developing with you in the many years to come.


The Redstone Wealth Management Team

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